Hi guys!

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Hi guys!

Beitrag von mirkomarco » Mittwoch 28. Februar 2007, 09:30

I write from Italy and i don't know one german word! :shock:
But I want to present my new toy: '68 squareback 1500s found in north Italy stopped from 1980!!!!





Beitrag von mirkomarco » Mittwoch 28. Februar 2007, 09:33

And this is my think:


Bye bye


Beitrag von squareback68 » Mittwoch 28. Februar 2007, 11:13


I have seen this squareback on the BugBus website.

Interesting project. Keep us informed and post more pictures...

Dr. TL
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Beitrag von Dr. TL » Mittwoch 28. Februar 2007, 12:07

What a car! Needs minor work, I would say :wink: Good luck from me, too.


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Beitrag von mirkomarco » Mittwoch 28. Februar 2007, 13:32

I think I will start to restore the car this summer, first I must make a box for that and for my others VW!!!!

The car needs a lot of body work, interior is ok, the engine must to be rebuilt.
The top has many and deep dents.

My real worry is at the bottom of the windshield (where there are the grills). Here the sheet metal is rusted and very corroded. I need to replace this body part but I don't know where to buy (new or used).
Can you help me about this?


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Beitrag von Jörg » Donnerstag 1. März 2007, 21:09

Hello to Italy,

a warm welcome from me, too.

I remember having seen one of the pictures at "The Samba" already.

If this is an Italian car you should have at least little rust problems...

Keep on posting pics!

Best Regards



Re: Hello...

Beitrag von mirkomarco » Freitag 2. März 2007, 11:35

Jörg hat geschrieben:Hello to Italy,
If this is an Italian car you should have at least little rust problems...
Are you sure? I'm not.
I live in north Italy, here the climate is humid...cold and ice at winter. In other words a "rusty party"!

In fact, the car needs some new body parts that I don't know where to buy!!!!

But if it's too easy, isn't too funny! :D :D :D

Tanks for welcomes. Sunday I'll make more photos...


Beitrag von Angel » Dienstag 3. April 2007, 16:50

Congratulations Mirko. I´m sure that car will look very nice :wink: .

You can see here my restore job:

http://www.vwtype3and4club.org.uk/forum ... .php?t=241


Beitrag von mirkomarco » Donnerstag 10. Mai 2007, 12:13

Thank you, Angel.

You have a very nice car! Great job! Is beautiful with caravan.

The tow bar is new? Can you send me more information about this?



Beitrag von Angel » Donnerstag 17. Mai 2007, 12:49

Hi Mirko.

The tow bar is used, but restored for Type3Detectives. I bought it there (U.K.). It is a Westfalia one, and you can find a lot of information of the Type 3 tow bars in this site. You must go to home: http://www.typ3.de/ , then click in Volksklinik, and finnally click in AHK - Anleitung.




Beitrag von Angel » Samstag 19. Mai 2007, 20:54

Hi again, Mirko.

You have here one tow bar for buying:

http://cgi.ebay.de/VW-Typ-3-Anhaengerku ... dZViewItem


Beitrag von mirkomarco » Mittwoch 23. Mai 2007, 07:57

Ops, I read your message too late!

But, thank you!

When T3 will restored, I want to go around europe in holidays... I think Spain will be one of the first destination. :mrgreen:



Beitrag von Angel » Donnerstag 24. Mai 2007, 11:30

O.K. Mirko. I will be waiting to your visit. Don´t forget come to Santander, the very best town in the spanish summer :wink: .