Hello from UK!

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Hello from UK!

Beitrag von Marko » Sonntag 11. November 2012, 18:15

just checking in! just found this nice place so here I am and here's my on going project, thanks for looking!

http://www.vwtype3and4club.org.uk/forum ... 257#p35257

this is how it sits right now :)


Mario / T3HQ
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Re: Hello from UK!

Beitrag von Mario / T3HQ » Sonntag 11. November 2012, 19:07

Hi Mark,
a warm welcome here at the forum!
You can see the light at the end of the (restoration)tunnel! Cool ride, mate!
Maybe i'll find a nice rear bumper for you!

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Re: Hello from UK!

Beitrag von Marko » Sonntag 11. November 2012, 19:24

Thanks Mario, I look forward to being part of this community also finishing my car off ready for next summer time! happy days ahead :)


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Re: Hello from UK!

Beitrag von kleinteile » Montag 12. November 2012, 20:20

Next summer will be the right time to show your early fastback to the rest of Europe at the annual meeting of the typ 3 Liebhaber end of june near the capitol of Münster .
Hope to hear ( and see ) more from you and your lovely white car .

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